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Vallalar songs sung By Darmapuram Swami - Arutperum jothi agaval

Agaval By Darmapuram swami Part-1
Agaval By Darmapuram swami Part-1
Note:Darmapuram swami Agaval only part is available soon we will upload the other

Vallalar songs - Arutperum jothi agaval By PRS

Agaval By PRS Part-1
Agaval By PRS Part2
Agaval By PRS Part-3
Agaval By PRS Part-4

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Vallalar wrote his songs as six thirumurai. The first five thriumurai songs shows that he is related to hinduism. The sixth thirumurai songs shows that his mind is broadened and he became a universe god. Vallalar agaval songs are essence of the six thirumurai songs. Agaval portray god characteristics and parying or begging words towards god.

In contenporary life many persons are singing vallalar songs as digital audio. Almost all audio songs available in this website is not belongs to; Respective singers has rights for their voice; but song is belongs to eveyone in the universe. The audio songs are property of the respective singers.