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-To Control Global Warming?
-To get rid off Terrorism? and
To have healthy life?
Nature must be prayed identifying it with God.
One must know the truth of God and its elucidation
Question: Who is basically responsible for Global Warming?
Answer : Man himself.
Ques : Who has the capacity and power to control the Global warming
Ans : None other than human beings.
Ques : How man was responsible for the aforesaid Phenomenon?
Ans : The reason is his passion for the five senses. Also, the reason is the ignorance of the state of “that”, which was, which is and which will be.
Ques : What is “that” which was, which is and which will be?
Ans : Nature
Ques : Why did not man respect “NATURE” even after knowing it by his out side knowledge.
Ans : Because, he did not understand that Nature is the “Real God”
Ques : Why nature could not be realized as the only God?
Ans : It is because of the wrong notion of human about God. It is because of the doctrines of the religions in which men have liking. Further, the state of uncontrolled five senses, love for the artificial and the arrogance / ego prevailing among individual beings / countries.
Ques : Is the truth about God not revealed by the religions in the world?
Ans : Yes, not revealed, fully and directly not understood and is not possible.
Ques : How it is not understood through the religions in the world? Why it is not possible? What is the proof?
Ans : For example, among the religions such as X, Y and Z…..
X religion claims itself to be true and others Y,Z … religions are wrong.
Y religion claims itself to be true and others X,Z … religions are wrong.
Z religion claims itself to be true and others X,Y … religions are wrong.
And the atheism has been telling that all the XYZ……….. are wrong.
But, the mankind is following any one of the aforesaid religions.
All the human beings are responsible for the Global Warming and terrorism.
Why the man who identified Sun, Moon and other such things which are common to all, did not perceive the only God who is common to all.
All the religions have contradicted among themselves and have identified him in different forms (idols) / sound / light or without any specific form (non-idol). To reach the God, men are following different types of customs, ceremonies, sacrifices, and prayers and also traveling to different places and chanting prayers in different ways. Further, chasing, beating, enslaving, excommunicating the people who belong to other school of belief are still continuing.
Ques : Why we cannot arrive at a consensus on who is (real) God?
Ans : The whole population, which is believing and following certain types of religions, is responsible for the Global Warming and terrorism. Man is studying truth through his external knowledge. But, sofar, he has got only a very small part of it.
Further, his scientific inventions are contrary to nature. One must understand that God can be realized only through compassion and inner explorations. We have ruined nature by our scientific and outside knowledge and thereby spoiled ourselves only because it has not been made clear fully / directly that Nature is the true God. Without respecting nature, we become useless due to our love for five senses.
The human race has not realized that nature is the God and it is common to all. We must understand that God’s grace can be got only by compassion and therefore, we must love all the living creatures.
As said above, the truth of God (form) and this elucidations (which are manifest in the form of continents, objects and living things) can be discerned in our body itself through wise knowledge. So, we must maintain good health.
Knowledge, discipline, love, compassion, endeavor and the control over thought, speech and body are necessary to get the grace of god.
Since compassion is the only way to get the grace of God, all other things (all difference including ceremonies) are obstacles to get the grace of God.
The people, those who have got the grace of God, can get the deathless, good and spiritual life.
God is the form of nature, and mercy towards all living things is the key. Compassion is the only way to get the grace of God. Real knowledge, real love, real mercy, discipline and good health are the qualities for that. God is nothing but the bright light and is found all over the universe. It is called as Nature.
God (Nature) is so kind that it gives happiness to all beings and only hence God’s Grace can be received only by way of kindness towards others. But, scientific inventions of the human, by his extrinsic knowledge, in his fulfillment of his five senses, have created only dangers to the human life as well as the world.
Thus, the Samarasa Sutha Sunmarga Sangh founded by His Holiness Vallalar is the common path available to all the human beings in the world.
Only through the Samarssa Sutha Sanmargha Sangam (at Vadaloor, Cuddalure District, Tamilnadu, India), Global Warming can be controlled, world wise terrorism can be wiped out and all the people in the world can lead a good life.
An article by MRS. APJ. ARUL

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