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THE HON'BLE HIGH COURT IN ITS ORDER DATED 24-03-2010 (PARA 13 series) has pointed out the Essence of Vallalar as follows:
13.Essence of Vallalar:
13.1.In order to appreciate the contentions, it is relevant to quote the writings of Vallalar so as to
capture the core of his tenets evolved during his life time. He called the existing religions as falsehood.

Deign to come, My Lord!
Thou taught me that all sects are partial and false.
Deign to come here and now my Lord.
Thou gaveth the true experience.
My Lord, pray, deign to come.
[Translated by A.Balakrishnan  Thiru Arutpa (1966)]
13.2.On the question of scriptures and Agamas, he had the following to say:

My Sister! Come, let us play at ball.
The four Vedas, the Agamas, and all the Sastras
do not become our own wisdom,
but remain only outside ourselves
as our wisdom for the market.
By experiencing the Absolute, the Lord Beyond,
I have come to learn the
wisdom of deathlessness.
And I have come towards the End, where the Lord
abides in mercy to all.
My Sister! If you long for deathlessness for ever,
do not say this and that,
But, beholding the Supreme Gracious Glory, play at ball.
[Translated by A.Balakrishnan  Thiru Arutpa (1966)]
13.3.On the caste bickerings and religions fights, he had the following to say:
In castes, in philosophical dogmas, in the conflicting
ceremonials of sectarian practices, in the noisy
debates on Sastras, in the wars of Gotras-
Pinning your Faith in these differences, distinctions,
and quarrels from times immemorial, you men and
women of the world ! are restless and tossed
about hither and thither;
Let me tell you, my brothers and sisters, it does not
become you, loving and intelligent souls that you
are, to be so restless and tossed about hither and
thither and ruined ignominiously.
To establish you in Eternal Justice, in the very heart
of the Reality of Effulgent and Blissful Existence,
The One without an equal, the Lord who takes his endearing
abode in the inner sanctuary of all lives,
is now coming to the open and into the broad
day light of our experience and will play his
unique game of Glory and Grace.
It is therefore time for you to turn this way.
And I do call you all, men and women of the
world, in the name of our Lord and Master, to your
ineffable Destiny of Perfection.
[Translated by A.Balakrishnan  Thiru Arutpa (1966)]
13.4.His own experience became a form of his teachings as seen below:
My Father!
Thy Grace is transcendent.
The great sages,
The Vedic scriptures,
The Agamic Scriptures,
Heavenly Beings,
Austere men,
And others of great excellence-
All those do not seem to apprehend the truth of Thy grace.
How am I a poor sinner to know It?
Where am I to enter?
Is it open at all to one of my imperfections?
My Lord! Thou who are the harmony of all opposites!
Pray deign to tell me whether I can call my experience my own.
[Translated by A.Balakrishnan  Thiru Arutpa (1966)]
13.5.Regarding worship in formless state, he made the following verse:
Oh Lord you are:-
The Body and also the inner Body
Disguised in that Body and be in the Body as one.
Formless and Bodiless and also form the inner Formless bodiless.
Disguised in that Formless and bodiless and be one in the Formless and
The Guru and of virtuous quality and character and Intellect
The Fragrance and the Flowers and the creeper
Shining in greatness and in minute subtlity
(S.Rmalingam, 1980)

13.6.If it is seen in the above context,
the essence of Vallalar will come out.
A rejection of the idol form of worship and worship of fire in the form of Jyothi.
There is no place for any established religion.
But there is full of space for humanity.
There are no distinction based on caste or creed.
There is only Jeevakarunyam (abundant love to fellow human being).
There is no scope for any violence.
There is always compassion and care for poor and infirm.
Therefore, the authorities had correctly taken note of the essence of Vallalar.
They have not deviated from any of the established tradition left behind by Vallalar.
On the contrary, to leave no one in doubt, Vallalar himself had made his directives in writings.
Therefore, there is no scope for any one to plead contra............"

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