Author :APJ.ARUL

In Our Constitution, Part IV A, Fundamental Duties of Every Citizen of India;
51(A)(g); " ..and to have Compassion for living creatures".
On base of the above article,
I made a requisItion to the Central and State Governments on 18-02-2012,
requesting to have Compassion for living creatures by way of not killing and not eating in the Government Official Functions and Meetings at the cost of public money.
I also noted;
Our father of the Nation Sri Mahatma Gandhi's opinion is that eating flesh is not suitable and only vegetarian food is correct for human beings. Moreover various Marga available in our country have also preached directly and indirectly; "not killing living creatures and not eating flesh".
I further noted;
As per the Constitution of India, it shall be the duty of every citizen of India to abide by the Constitution. In this connection, it shall be followed by the Official in Government functions and set an example for follow up by all citizens.
The Government itself should practice the above principle/ideals of the Constitution in the Official function then only propagate to the public. The Government should not only preach but should also practice the above ideals in its functions.
finally a prayer is made in my petition as follows;
Don't kill living creatures and eat their flesh
in the Government Official Functions and
Meetings held at the cost of public money.
Killing rare species of creatures and serving
in the Government functions is totally against the
Article 51(A)(g) of the Constitution of India.
No responsible from the Governments.
I moved in this regard to the Hon'ble Court.
But The Honourable Court while dismissing my petition on 8.6.2012 had observed as follows:
" there is no doubt that the Vegetarianism raised by the petitioner in this petition is a laudable object since no body has got a right to kill any life. But this court while exercising jurisdiction cannot impose any restriction on any person ..."
But I was continuously sending my petition/reminder to the all Governments of India.
A great and one day continuous meeting was held by M/s Karunai Sabai Salai Trust, Madurai in this regard. Many of our marga members have participated in the Meeting held at Kalavasal,Madurai. Maximum all newspapers focused our grievance made before the Central and State Governments of India.
A good news is now received from the Tamilnadu Government i.e.Our Honourable Chief Minister Dr. Amma have looked into this matter and Ordered favorably.
A letter Na.Ka.No.1704/2013/Tamil-1 Dt.12-03-2013 sent by Tamil Dev.Department,Chennai stating that your requisition is accepted and no non-vegetarian food is served in the Government functions and meetings.
Many Thanks to Our Hon'ble C.M. Dr.AMMA.
BUT Our requisition is still pending before the Central Government and all other State Governments.
Kindly see apjarul and
Thanking you,
Karunai Sabai Salai Trust, Madurai.

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