Author :Apj.Arul- Karunai Sabai Madurai.

Beloved Friends,
All the Religions and the Margas available in the world
has common factors that their thoughts over God and their faith
in it.
But, they differ on the type of their Gods and on the
procedures, prayers and ceremonies in getting the grace of the
We cannot deny and dispute that due to the aforesaid
differences, clashes are taking place, demolishing other
Religious institutions, temples, shooting and burning others
and accusing members of other Marga as sinners.
Further, Our scientific inventions and luxurious life are
in a state of destroying our Earth. And, due to competitive life
each of us is not sincere to one another.
- To change this situation, We have to know the
Beloved friends, In this connection we have to answer
to the following questions.
They are;
1. Are there hands and legs for God,?
2. Is there Heaven and Hell?
3. When you finalized that there is one God, why so many
forms for
by Bad person? what is truth in it?
5. Is it possible to live without death?
To know such truth, we need a ‘True Path’ and such path
must be common to all.
True Common Path.
Only one Marga (Way/path/Principle) found by His
Holiness Vallalar is common to all Religions, Religious and
Margas available in the world. It is called as “Suddha Sanmarga”.
How it is say as “Common to all”?
The followings are main principle of His Holiness
Vallalar’s Suddha SanMarga.

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