Vadalur Temple

The Temple of Wisdom at Vadalur in the Madras (Chennai) State is spreading its gracious light to enlighten the whole world. In this temple the Divine Light of Infinite Grace is shining from the altar in the centre. All the surrounding structures are to represent the spiritual, intellectual vital and physical objects of our being. The main entrance of our Inner Wisdom Temple is at the root of the nose between the eyebrows. A real aspirant who eschews the carnal sensual pleasures and who earnestly demands the Divine Grace is entitled to gain entrance to this Temple. With the pure concentrated mind at the root of the nose one is to pray for God to grace him. As the spirit of this Grace develops in man all the screens hiding the Divine Light will be gradually removed. At the end he comes face to face and eventually becomes that Light Itself. Now the man feels he is none other than that Light Itself. But he knows, though he is that Divine Atom, he has not been empowered to taste the life of Bliss. Hence he is to make a life of Divine Grace from that Inner centre. In order to get this gracious life in practical experience, the Wisdom Temple of Vadalur has been built out along with the institutions for feeding the poor and educating the aspirants. Though the feeding section only is working continuously without any interruption, the educating section is not kept up as it was intended. So the truth of this Temple and its worship is not understood by the devotees and the general public.

Other temples of the world, though present architectural and sculptural attractions are not intended for reaching the highest goal of Divine Life. Mainly our South Indian Temples are constructed after elementary basic secrets of physical and vital bodily structure. So the entrances to these temples are at the foot point only. In a lying position, the foot is away from the Divine Centre. So in the temple architect the sanctum sanctorum is put upon the opposite end of the main structure. This is to be noted here to have the Divine Altar in the centre of our Wisdom Temple. Only the dissolution of man was the end in all the old temple system. On the other hand our Wisdom Temple alone is to make the man to live a gracious life of Eternal Bliss.

Swami Ramalingam THIRU ARUTPRAKASA VALLALAR is not only the founder of this Temple of Wisdom, but also is the first man of exemplify in practical experience that Divine life of Grace. He was born to bring out that new Divine Life to this world. By the Grace of God he got the knowledge of his true self which is no other than the Divine one. From that stage of Divine Oneness he extended the life of Grace upon the material world. In due course, his Inner form of Divine Gracious self burst and filled to make him the person or Divine Gracious Light or Thiru Arutprakasa Vallalar. This Divine Light form is Eternal, but will be living in casual, subtle and gross (or Gnana, Pranava and Suddha) bodies to up-lift the aspiring humanity. Because he is of Divine Gracious person he can come to sight of others only at his will and anywhere. It is he, who attracts us from our Innermost to acknowledge him and all his attainment. To aid us, he has endowed this Temple of Wisdom and the highest literature of Divine Grace called the THIRU ARUTPA. With all these inner and outer guidance this book of Wisdom Temple is published to enlighten the whole humanity. Let this open the entrance of the Inner temple of Wisdom of every one and offer the Gracious life of Bliss.