Vallalar History

After His Dematerialization, Ramalinga took a Divine Body of Universal Presence, by which He has manifested Himself in Occident at the present time, to make more accesible to all the people the Achievement of Deathless Golden Body. At the present He directly has shown a new way, giving it the name of THE PATH OF GRACE LIGHT. Nevertheless, this website considers interesting to know the biographical details of his existence in the physical plane, although we want to clarify here that Ramalinga himself closed the Gnana Sabai on the year following to its opening, because He was not in agreement with the way in which his disciples were making use of it; He himself kept the key and didn't open it again. Also He affirmed reiteratedly that none of his disciples had understood him (not even the most close). Both evidences lead us to affirm that the Movement Suddha Sanmarga itself was closed by him before his Dematerialization.

Ramalinga was born in Marudur (next to Chidambaram, in South India), on sunday October, 5 1823. Being only five months, his parents carried him with themselves in pilgrimage to the temple of Nataraja in Chidambaram. His father died a month later. Moved their residence to Madras, the older brother Sabapathi assumed the responsibilities of family head. When Ramalinga was five years old, with a prodigious facility he learned to read under the supervision of the Sabapathi's teacher. Instead of attending to the school, he passed the time reciting in ecstasy poems written by himself in the temple of Kanthakottam (Madras). Sabapathi reproached him this attitude, but seeing that it didn't give any result he ordered his wife Pappammal never more admit him in their house to feed. Breaking this order, she fed him secretly when he was hungry because she considered him as if he was her own brother.

Arrived the anniversary of their father's death, Sabapathi prepared a banquet inviting to all friends and relatives. Ramalinga, that had not dared to attend there, found his sister-in-law waiting for him in the rear door of the house when he arrived secretly late in the night. She invited him kindly to take the leftovers of the feast, but seeing how he swallowed the cold and past food, moved by a deep maternal feeling, she started to cry. He asked her the reason of her crying and she, with smoothness, begged him turn to study as it was the wish of his brother, since he shouldn't be seen in the need of eat cold meal neither to do it stealthy. Ramalinga boy was moved by her loving words as well as by the affection and compassion demonstrated. Then he asked for have a room that was free in the top of the stairs, and also a mirror and a lamp because he was determined to study. What he requested was granted him instantly and he was enclosed in that room. It is said that once being there he lavished praises on the Divine. The Eternal Light (Arut Jothi) was filtered through the mirror spilling abundant Grace on him, who obtained the Omniscience power from God himself. Ramalinga received his instruction by the Grace, not admitting reply the fact that all was learned in intuitive way. This event, happened in the house of Madras at the age of nine, was decisive in his life. Each one of the tears spilled by Pappammal, moved by a maternal and loving instinct affection, were returned years later with the creation of Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga Movement.

After that happy event, vallalar was seen visiting regularly the temple of Thiruvotriur (Madras) where he recited torrents of hymns before the deity with absolute spontaneity. His own teacher could listen him and, admiring his disciple for his talent, informed his older brother about his wisdom. Sabapathi, who used to give speeches in the house of a philanthropist to gain his living, considered that the time was right for his brother to be his assistant in reading the Scriptures. One day in which Sabapathi felt himself indisposed, Ramalinga came alone to the customary place to explain to the people assembled that the study on the Scriptures had to be postponed, but then all those present asked him to substitute his brother and spoke according to his own knowledge. Then he felt that God's wish was to start his mission in the world and he did it with a comment about the life of one of the four great tamil saints (Thirugnana sambandar). All people was amazed with his eloquence and declared their interest in completing the series of readings. Ramalinga was in agreement with them and people was learning by merely listen to him. This happened around 1835, at the age of twelve. One day a devout asked to Sabapathi for listening him to evaluate his intellectual capacity and spiritual progress. He made it avoiding to be seen, and hearing his minor brother couldn't do anything but consider him like the incarnation of Divine Wisdom. From that time Ramalinga was treated with special reverence. To the age of 21 he accustomed to speak freely in the streets, without anything in return for it.

He was obliged to be married despite of he detested that idea. But never he took a normal married life; his wife was maintained virgin along all her life, passing away before Ramalinga's dematerialization.

Later Ramalinga settled in Vadalur, small village situated almost in the center of the equilateral triangle formed by the three great temples of Chidambaram (in south), Vridhachalam (in west) and Thiruppathirupuliyur (in northwest). There he founded in May 23, 1867 the Dharmasalai, a center destined to give hospitality to the fatigued traveler, food to the indigent elders and medical aid to the patients without resources. Ramalinga was accustomed to give oral Teachings to his disciples. Many visitors crowded in Vadalur, not only to listen him and follow his Teaching but also to be witnesses of his miracles, which he didn't realize for his own convenience but only when were necessary. He founded a Movement giving it the name of Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga Sathya Sangam.

He detested how wide acceptance has to eat meat, to the extent of a simple look of him was enough to turn various thousands of persons into vegetarianism. With vehemence he condemned the sacrifice of animals to eat their meat, saying that although one who had notable powers he could not be called saint if he has propensity for eating meat.

Along the night he prayed and composed hymns and salms. In 1867 his first disciple (Velayutha Mudaliar) published, with his permission, a collection of all of them with the title of Thiruarutpa (Divine Song of Grace). It was divided into various chants, which are an exposition of the celestial God's secrets for universal benefit of all the souls.

Ramalinga was a model of uprightness and moderation. Physically, he had a sharp nose and large serene eyes whose look emitted divine brilliancy. He did long fasts, eating frugally once every two or three days. He had extraordinary capacities and was accustomed to disappear for some days and nobody was capable of knowing his whereabouts. Was kind, simple and sincerel. Not being satisfied on having attained the divine state described in his poems, in delirious ecstacy begged so that the Grace may flow even more and more. His aspiration to be melted with the Self turned out to be fulfilled at last. He said: "My entire body emanates a fragrance of camphor like testimony of my Union with the Beloved, the Omnipotent".

In 1870 finally he was settled in the village of Mettukuppam, three miles to the south from Vadalur, living in a hut known as Siddhi Valaga Thirumaliga (Sacred Mansion of Miracle). Nevertheless he continued going to Vadalur to meet his disciples. One day declared his wish to build a temple, requesting his devouts to raise it in so alone six months, according to a design made by himself. That place, called Gnana Sabai, was inaugurated January 25, 1872. In its interior seven curtains (representing the veils of the ignorance) hide a showcase (the pure soul) in whose interior burns a flame (the eternal splendor of the soul melted with the Supreme Grace Light -Arut Perun Jothi-) not being made there any type of ritual except the simple burning of camphor. From the time in which the foundation stone of Gnana Sabai was placed, Ramalinga took for custom to stay isolated in his ermitage (the hut) along several days in a row.

In the second half of 1873 he started up the Movement Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga Sathya Sangam, giving collectively to those present the Mahamantra Arut Perun Jothi (according to God himself had been given it to him). He exhorted his disciples to pray God begging for the Eternal Bliss and meditate in the God of the Light settled in their hearts. Before that year finalized he removed out of their room the lamp that he had been using and asked his devouts for maintaining it always on, worshipping it as the same God's Form. But he was saddened because his spiritual Mission had not taken root as it should.

Thursday January, 30 1874 was a very auspicious day because Poosam star would be found in ascending at midnight. Having completed already 50 years of his lifetime, Ramalinga sat down on a wood platform speaking to his devouts in this way: "My beloved, I am going to be away for a time. Don't worry. Maintain always burning this lamp, considering it as the same God. You'll be extensively rewarded. Now I'm in this body but soon I'll enter every bodies of the Creation. Close the door and shut with padlock outside. When you open it again, the room will be found entirely empty". He said goodbye to those present and was locked in his room. Some time later, on having opened the door, there was not any trace of Ramalinga in the room, he had disappeared dematerializing his body.

It caused a great commotion. The police investigated exhaustively, registering to the utmost the hut without finding anything that lead them to have the smallest suspicion. It was concluded that truelly he was a Saint, considering his disciples that his Total Union with God was realized. According to previous Ramalinga's declarations, this should have signified that he has assumed the dematerialization as the sacrifice of his immortal body, for the disintegration and dispersion of the substances and elements that composed it like seed sown on the field, to make accessible to the human the realization of immortal body and also bring the Universal Manifestation of the Divine.

Never he considered himself like an Avatar neither he permitted his disciples to call him Swami. But if we leave aside his humble attitude, should be recognized that in the last three years of his timelife he remained constantly in the State of an Avatar. It can be summarized that he was born to achieve the Immortality of the body and, moved by his Universal Compassion, he desired that it was reachable for the human infiltrating directly in all the bodies, by the Power of his Compassion and Benevolence, the Inmortality Forces with a constant influence on the material.

Vadalur Vallalar History