Vallalr Life History

Early life

Vallalar was born in a village near Chidambaram. His father was Ramaiya Pillai and his mother Chinammai. They named the child Ramalingam. As a child Vallalar lived in Chennai. Vallalar did not have any formal education, however, at the age of nine he composed a Tamil hymn, Deivamani Malai (Garland of Songs), on the god Murugan. As a boy Ramalingal used to be quite rebellious refusing to be educated at school or from a teacher. Instead Ramalingam used to spend his time at the local temple meditating.

Ramalingam's skills at religious discourse was discovered one day by his brother when he sent him as a proxy for himself in the task of giving an exposition of Periapuranam an epic poem by Sekkizhar narrating the episodes connected with the 63 Nayanars. Ramalingam did this so well that the audience thereafter preferred to have him for the discourses in future rather than the learned elder brother. The fame of the boy spread. People started offering him monetary gifts, but Ramalingam preferred to renounce wealth and lived as a mendicant.

Spiritual teacher

One of the primary teaching of valallar is "Service to mankind is path of moksha". He declared that death is not natural that our life's first priority should be fight death. He declared religion in itself is a darkness. He laid a very great emphasis on being vegetarian. We said God is "Arut Perum Jothi" who is personification of mercy and knowledge. He said path of compassion and mercy are only path to God.

He said that our soul is blinded by 7 seven screen to symbolise it he contructed "Sathya Gyana Sabhai" at Vadalur. He said that we embark journey to get "Sutha Deham" (Clean body) from God which is in destructible and makes us immortal. He need to pray "all souls enjoy happy life" and do good all souls around us. He said souls are at finite numbers

Saint Ramalingam was person who diffired from all saints of all times. He philosophy and declaration are completion of previous philosophy. He said God famously referred on great books are souls who reached those position through prayers. He wrote in great details on how a person should lead a life and gave explanation of various concepts in a form of Q & A. Unfortunately it is avaialble in Tamil only.

He also said that meditation, penance, chanting, visiting temple, doing homa, etc will not lead to salvation it only "Jeevakarunyam" service to mankind is one and only way to salvation.

He said world is not created by God as God does not need creation, nor has God created humans for glory. He said creation based on our desire and his power. Maya created the world based on our desire and Maya does what we ask from her. Maya is nor God or Soul she something similar to program which is intelligent.

He declared plight of mankind is due to his own acts. Due to this we have lost God like intelligence and "Sutha Deham" which he gave to us intially. With these desired unearthly pleasure and started hurting other souls. In other to fulfill our desire Maya was establisted based on desire to give what we want.

He said intelligence we posses is Maya intelligence which is not true and final intelligence. Path of final intelligence is "Jeeva Karunyam".

He advocated a casteless society. Vallalar was opposed to superstitions and rituals. He forbade killing animals for the sake of food. He advocated feeding the poor as the highest form of worship. He condemned inequality based on birth. Although he is credited with a number of miracles he urged his followers to pay scant regard to miracles.

His teachings go from simple basic ideas and then slowly go in depth. He composed thousands of verses breathing universal love and peace, called Tiruvarutpa.


Vallalar established a number of institutions that survive today. In 1865 he established a poor feeding center. On the inaugural day he lit the fire of the stone stove, with a declaration that the fire be ever alive and the needy shall be fed forever. Around 1870 he established the Sathaya Gyana Sabai, hall of True Wisdom Forum. This place is not a temple. An oil lamp is kept perpetually burning. There are seven cotton fabric screens, representing the seven factors that prevent a soul from realizing its true nature. The entire complex is bound by a chain with 21,600 links, said to represent 21,600 inhalations by a normal human being.

Last Glimpse

He called his followers on January 30, 1874 and gave them his final discourse. Later he entered his room. His followers later found the room empty.

vallalar life history